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Vivo IPL Schedule 2019 Season 12

A senior BCCI official told the Hindustan Times that the schedule of the IPL 2019 would be issued only after the announcement of the dates of the forthcoming Lok Sabha elections. Significantly, Lok Sabha elections and the IPL 2019 will be organized at the same time, which is why the BCCI is waiting for the dates of the Lok Sabha elections to be announced. According to the years of the elections, the schedule of IPL matches will be created which will not compromise on security arrangements. Significantly, due to the Lok Sabha elections in 2009, the second edition of the IPL had to be organized on the soil of South Africa because the government had cited lack of security forces. But this time despite the Lok Sabha elections, the BCCI has made preparations for the IPL itself in the country. Since there is a considerable amount of security forces in both the general elections and the IPL, so the BCCI is waiting for the announcement of the dates of the Lok Sabha elections.

For the first time in the presence of a Chairman, IPL will be organized
“It is impossible for us to issue a schedule for 2019, before the announcement of the dates of the Lok Sabha elections,” the BCCI official told the Hindustan Times. Because there will be harmony between matches and election dates. Lok Sabha elections will be held in several phases, and IPL matches are also organized in different states of the country. Therefore, we can not issue our schedule before the election dates are announced. We know how much workforce is required to make the elections, and it is also our priority for us that there will be no impact on the general elections due to the IPL. ” Significantly, this will be the first time that the presence of any chairman without the IPL will be organized. Because the administrators’ committee formed by the Supreme Court has dissolved all the committees and sub-committees after adopting the new constitution by the BCCI.
VIVO IPL Schedule 2019 For 1st Two Weeks Announced

VIVO IPL Schedule 2019 For 1st Two Weeks Announced

VIVO IPL Schedule – The IPL 2019 will start from March 23 this year, and the final is expected to be by April 31. All preparations have already begun with the IPL 2019. The teams are always making lists of players, and all are insisting on making their best playing XI. While many teams are engaged in exchanging their players, some franchises on the other side are looking at how many players will be able to play for them this time because of World Cup 2019.

But everybody wants to know when IPL 2019 is going to happen this time and where the IPL 2019 is going to happen. So let us tell you about how sources are being reported from the source of the IPL 2019:

IPL 2019 schedule time table | Where will the Vivo IPL 2019

There are reports of this method from many media papers that IPL 2019 can be seen starting from March 23 this year. Let us tell you, in 2019, on the one hand, there are Lok Sabha elections in India, and the Cup 2019 is going to happen on the other side. This is the reason that the IPL will be seen starting this time soon.

Earlier, IPL tournaments were started in April, which was seen going up till May and June but this time the date of the IPL start has been changed. According to the English media this year, the IPL 2019 tournament will start this year, and this time this tournament can be seen in April.

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On the other side, there are reports of this method that the IPL 2019 tournament is likely to be happening in India outside of India this time, probably in South Africa. This is the most appropriate place for IPL 2019. Even before that IPL has been organized in South Africa, due to Lok Sabha elections, the IPL may be seen happening outside of India this time.

The fans are very excited about the 12th edition of the Indian Premier League (IPL 2019). Initially, the curiosity was that it was this time that this time IPL will not be in the country due to the Lok Sabha elections, and for which the BCCI had announced that this time the tournament would be held in India only. After that, the discussion became intensifying as to what would be the event of IPL this time because the dates could collide with the general elections in the country. Today, this suspense has also taken the curtain. This season of the Indian Premier League will start from March 23. Given the Lok Sabha elections, the program has been released for the first two weeks (17 matches) of the IPL. The schedule of the remaining games of the IPL 2019 will be announced after the announcement of the dates of the Lok Sabha elections. The first match will be played at Chennai’s MA Chidambaram Stadium between Chennai Super Kings led by Mahendra Singh Dhoni and Royal Challengers Bangalore directed by Virat Kohli. The second day of the tournament will be, i.e. two matches will be played on this day – KKR vs. Hyderabad and in the evening on Mumbai v Delhi

vivo ipl schedule
vivo ipl schedule 2019

The match list has been given special attention in the dates and programs of the Indian Premier League 2019. Wherever the match will be and which team will play it, keeping the care of all things given security, this time the program has been made. This time too many changes were seen in the IPL auction and teams were also altered. Let’s know the first two weeks of the IPL 2019 program and this time how are all teams.

Vivo Ipl 2019 Teams

Chennai Super Kings

Purse – 8.4 million
Spent – 5.2 million
Survivors – 3.2 crores

Indian players- 17

Chennai Super Kings Team Squad

Sunrise Hyderabad

Purse – 9.70 crores
Spent – 4.40 crores
Survival – Rs. 5.30 crores

Team Strength-3

Sunrise Hyderabad Team Squad

Royal Challengers Bangalore

Purse- 18.15 crores
Spent – 16.35 crores
Survivors – Rs. 1.80

Team Strength- 24

Royal Challengers Bangalore Team Squad

Mumbai Indians

Purse – 11.15 crores
Expenditure- 7.60 crores
Survivors – Rs 3.55 crore

Team Strength- 24

Mumbai Indians Team Squad

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Kolkata Knight Riders

Purse – 15.20 crores
Spent – 9.15 crore
Survivors – Rs. 6.05 crore

Team String-21

Kolkata Knight Riders Team Squad

Delhi Capitals

Purse – 25.50 crores
Expenditure- 17.80 crores
Survivors – 7.70 crores

Team Strength 25

Delhi Capitals Team Squad

Kings XI Punjab

Purse- 36.20 crores
Expenditure- 32.5 million
Survivors – 3.70

Team Stories- 23

Kings XI Punjab Team Squad

Rajasthan Royals

Purse: 20.95 crores
Cost: 13.8 million
Survivors: 7.15 million

Team String: 25
Indians: 17
Foreign: 8

Rajasthan Royals Team Squad